Free AI Checker for Comprehensive Detection Results

Instantly get all AI detector results and know the AI score of your content.


Our AI Checker = All Popular AI Detectors

Need a ChatGPT checker to check the undetectability of your text? As a complete AI checking and bypass solution, Humbot features a built-in AI checker that analyzes any text and simultaneously provides detection results across all popular AI detectors (Copyleaks, GPTZero, ZeroGPT, …), all in one click.

Our AI Checker = All Popular AI Detectors

Accurate & Instant AI Detection Results

The results our AI checker gets are the exact results you can get yourself on those AI detectors. No more tedious manual checks. No more copy-and-paste on each detector one by one. We present all detection results to you in an instant.

Multilingual AI Content Detector

With our ChatGPT checker, you can accurately scan native-written content in over 50+ different languages. It can easily handle AI content detection of various languages, ensuring reliable and accurate results.

Most Reliable AI Checker for Anyone

No matter the area of work, our AI detector accurately identifies AI text.


Scan assignments before submission to avoid your work from being mistakenly flagged as AI and to ensure academic integrity.



See how likely your content will face search engine penalties for high AI scores. Ensure content can rank highly on SERPs.


Business Professionals

Check the probability of your reports and emails being considered as AI generated. Share your writing with more confidence.

Business Professionals

Flagged As AI-Generated?Humanize AI Text with Humbot!

Use our AI humanizer to make your AI text undetectable. Give your AI content the authenticity and uniqueness it needs to bypass AI detectors.

How To Detect AI Content With Humbot?


Copy and paste your AI-generated content into the text box.


Click Detect AI Content to start our AI content detector and get the detection results.


Click the Humanize button to humanize it if the text is flagged as AI-generated.

Why Choose Our AI Content Detector?

✅ All-in-one detectorGet all AI detector results at once
👍 High accuracy100% accurate detector results
🗺️ Multilingual supportSupports 50+ languages
📝 AI humanizer availableHumanize AI text to bypass detection
Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Humbot AI checker work?

    Yes, we offer a built-in AI writing detector for you to inspect whether a text will be detected as AI-generated by all popular AI detectors. We get all detection results from these detectors simultaneously, allowing you to know how your text will be judged in an instant.

  • Is this AI writing detector accurate?

    Yes. Our AI content detector can accurately get all the results from all popular detectors. The results you see on our AI checker are the exact results you can get yourself on those AI detectors.

  • How can this AI writing detector help me?

    You can use this AI writing detector to check whether your content will be flagged as AI-generated, or verify the effectiveness of Humbot's AI humanizer or your own humanization efforts.

  • Can your ChatGPT checker detect ChatGPT-generated content only?

    No. In addition to ChatGPT, you can also check text created by all other language models and AI writing tools, including Claude, Gemini, Jasper,, and many more.

  • Can our ChatGPT checker be used for free?

    Yes! Our free plan lets you scan a limited amount of AI content at no charge. However, full user access will require subscribing to a paid plan.

Try Our AI Detector and Get Complete Results!

Try Our AI Detector and Get Complete Results!

Use our free AI checker to verify content undetectability and even humanize AI text in a flash.