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StealthWriter Review: Can It Beat AI Detectors?

StealthWriter is a cutting-edge AI writing platform that has emerged in recent years. It boasts the ability to convert AI-generated text into authentic, human-like content that cannot be detected by AI scanners.

However, how effective is it truly? And does it deliver on its promises when put to the test? This comprehensive StealthWriter review will address these inquiries and more, providing you with all the information you need to outsmart AI content detectors.

Outsmart AI Detectors with Humbot With Ease

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What Sets StealthWriter Apart?


StealthWriter is an undetectable AI writing tool. Its primary objective is to rephrase AI-generated content in a manner that reads and sounds more human, rendering it indistinguishable by AI detectors. It offers two distinct user modes - Humanizer and Generator.

The Humanizer mode enables you to rephrase AI-generated content using a specially developed AI text processing engine, resulting in a more human-like tone. On the other hand, the Generator mode empowers users to generate entirely new AI content from a simple prompt.

StealthWriter also provides two separate plans, namely Ninja and Ghost. The Ninja plan is free and can bypass "most detectors," as stated on StealthWriter's official website. Meanwhile, the Ghost plan, available at a premium, can outmaneuver the most advanced detectors, including Originality.AI and Turnitin.

Launched in 2023, StealthWriter also possesses its own AI detector, which boasts a remarkable 99.6% accuracy rate in identifying text produced by prominent AI tools, including ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Bard.

StealthWriter’s Unique Features

StealthWriter offers the following key features:

  • Ability to humanize AI-generated content
  • Capability to generate fresh, undetectable AI content based on user prompts
  • Adjustable levels of humanization
  • Incorporated AI checker
  • Production of plagiarism-free content
  • Provision of multiple humanized drafts for users to choose from
  • Elimination of typos and errors

Can StealthWriter Outsmart AI Detection?

One of the most pressing questions regarding undetectable AI writing platforms like StealthWriter is, "Can it truly outsmart AI detectors?" To find out, we conducted our own test by taking text that was "humanized" by StealthWriter and assessing its effectiveness against leading AI scanners such as Originality.AI and GPTZero.

To initiate our test, we visited ChatGPT and requested a simple article on the topic of global warming. Here is what ChatGPT generated:


We then copied the text from ChatGPT and pasted it into StealthWriter. We instructed StealthWriter to humanize the text and make it undetectable. If StealthWriter is genuinely an undetectable AI writer, it should be capable of taking a ChatGPT article like this one and making the necessary adjustments to bypass any AI detector. Here is the humanized result, directly from StealthWriter:


After obtaining our "humanized" text, it was time to put it to the test by running it through three of the leading AI detection tools currently available: Originality.AI, GPTZero, and Copyleaks.

StealthWriter vs Originality.AI

When pitted against Originality.AI, StealthWriter faced significant challenges. The text it generated was predominantly identified as AI-written, with only an 18% Original (Human) rating.


StealthWriter vs GPTZero

In the case of GPTZero, StealthWriter once again fell short of expectations. The results were quite disappointing, with over 80% of the text being classified as AI-generated and a mere 10% being attributed to human input. This low grade contradicts StealthWriter's claims of effortlessly bypassing most detection systems, as stated on their website.


StealthWriter vs Copyleaks

Even in our final test against Copyleaks, StealthWriter failed to deliver. The content it produced was labeled as "AI Content" by this particular tool.


A Superior Alternative - Humbot

image5 (2).jpg

Clearly, as demonstrated by the aforementioned results, StealthWriter does not live up to its claims. The brand's website boasts about its ability to outsmart nearly all detection systems and achieve impressive human scores. However, in reality, it failed to outperform any of the three detection tools we tested.

So, if you're looking for a StealthWriter alternative that can truly go undetected, you might want to search elsewhere. In that case, Humbot could be the solution for you. This tool has the ability to create authentic, human-like content that cannot be detected by any major detector, from Originality.ai to GPTZero.

Utilizing the powerful humanization technology, Humbot can humanize any type of content generated by popular AI language models (ChatGPT, Bard, etc.) and assists users in achieving perfect 100% human scores in order to outsmart AI content detection.

Furthermore, unlike other undetectable writing tools, the content produced by Humbot does not trigger plagiarism alarms. Additionally, it offers a range of other useful features, as outlined below.

Humbot’s Key Features

Humbot’s most notable features include:

  • Instant humanization of any AI-generated text
  • Bypassing all major AI detection tools
  • Attaining perfect 100% human ratings
  • Preserving the writer's intent and message
  • SEO optimization of output text
  • Built-in AI verification
  • Support for over 50 languages
  • Removal of ChatGPT watermarks
  • Advanced spam prevention

Does Humbot Excel at Outsmarting Detectors?

Undoubtedly, claiming that Humbot surpasses StealthWriter is one thing. However, it is much more compelling to substantiate this assertion. Therefore, to demonstrate the superior reliability and consistency of Humbot as an undetectable writer, let's put it to the test once again.

Consequently, we once again extracted the text from ChatGPT and inputted it into Humbot. Here is the version it generated, which is more human-like:


Humbot Versus Originality.AI

In the initial test against one of the most challenging AI detectors, Humbot outperformed StealthWriter significantly. It achieved an impressive 88% human rating on Originality.AI, with only 12% of the text identified as AI-generated. Obtaining a perfect score on Originality is exceedingly difficult, making this one of the most remarkable ratings users can expect from an undetectable AI writer.


Humbot Versus GPTZero

In the subsequent test against GPTZero, Humbot performed even better. It attained an almost flawless score, with 95% of the text classified as human-written, 5% as "Mixed," and 0% as AI-generated. This is one of the highest scores one can hope to achieve on an AI detector like GPTZero, conclusively proving that Humbot is significantly more effective at evading detection compared to StealthWriter.


Humbot Versus Copyleaks

Last but certainly not least, we also subjected the text to Copyleaks. Copyleaks does not provide individual scores or percentages. Instead, it simply determines whether the text appears to be human or AI-generated. Fortunately, as depicted in the screenshot above, Humbot accomplished what StealthWriter could not and received a "Human" rating.


A Comparison Between StealthWriter and Humbot

Based on the screenshots provided, there is a clear distinction between StealthWriter and Humbot. Humbot outperforms all three detectors tested, consistently bypassing each one with nearly perfect "Human" scores for its generated content. In contrast, StealthWriter fails to pass any detector. The comprehensive results are displayed in the table below:

AI Detector StealthWriter Results Humbot Result
Originality.AI 18% Human 88% Human
GPTZero 10% Human 95% Human
Copyleaks AI-Generated Human-Written

Therefore, what can we learn from this? The findings clearly indicate that if you desire an AI writer that cannot be detected, Humbot is undoubtedly the more dependable option for making AI content undetectable. StealthWriter consistently faced difficulties when pitted against prominent AI detection systems like Copyleaks and Originality, whereas Humbot succeeded in all three attempts.

Not only does Humbot possess superior AI text humanization technology, but it also serves as a superior platform in various other aspects. It offers a range of advanced features, such as the ability to preserve the original meaning of the writer, as well as the capability to incorporate SEO keywords to enhance Google rankings.

In addition, Humbot provides the advantage of being a more cost-effective alternative compared to StealthWriter, with prices starting at just $6.99 per month. In contrast, the cheapest plan offered by StealthWriter is a staggering $20 per month. Therefore, if you are on a budget or simply want the best value for your money, Humbot could be a more favorable choice.

Final Thoughts

So, is StealthWriter worth it? Unfortunately, our review of StealthWriter suggests that this undetectable AI writer is not as impressive as it appears. It struggled to surpass any AI detector in our tests and was easily outperformed by Humbot. Therefore, if you wish to transform your text into undetectable AI content, it is better to use Humbot instead of StealthWriter.

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