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StealthGPT Review: Can It Successfully Bypass AI Detection?

StealthGPT is an AI writer that remains undetectable. It is utilized by individuals seeking to transfer AI-generated content while evading detection from tools like Copyleaks and ZeroGPT. It can be used to process various types of content, such as essays, papers, and blog posts. However, its effectiveness is still in question and will be explored in this StealthGPT review.

Humbot Can Assist You in Evading AI Detectors

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What Exactly is StealthGPT?

image9 (7).jpg

StealthGPT is an advanced AI text humanizer that is designed to generate AI content that cannot be detected. It utilizes natural language modeling technology and advanced AI algorithms to effectively "humanize" content. This helps eliminate the typical indications that a piece of writing is AI-generated, making it appear more human-like and capable of evading detection by AI tools.

The tool was developed by Jozef Gherman, who is based in St. Petersburg, Florida. By the end of 2023, StealthGPT had successfully outperformed tools like Turnitin. XYZ Inc., the company behind StealthGPT, also secured significant funding from investors to support its development.

Features of StealthGPT

StealthGPT offers the following key features:

  • AI content generation up to 2,000 words per entry that remains undetectable
  • Successfully evades AI detectors like GPTZero
  • Improves coherency and readability of generated content
  • Offers advanced enterprise-focused features for business applications

Can StealthGPT Outsmart AI Detection?

You may wonder if undetectable AI writers like StealthGPT truly deliver on their promises. To find out, we decided to test this tool against three major AI detection platforms: Originality.AI, GPTZero, and Copyleaks. To test it out, we created AI content to use as a sample.

image3 (3).jpg

Next, we pasted the AI-generated text into StealthGPT and requested it to humanize the content. The expectation was to obtain a "human" level piece of content that could bypass AI detectors, as claimed by StealthGPT. To verify its effectiveness, we scanned the text with detectors. Here is the result provided by StealthGPT:

image8 (5).jpg

StealthGPT vs. Originality.AI

Unfortunately, StealthGPT performed poorly in this test. As shown in the screenshot above, it failed to pass Originality.AI's scanners and was mostly identified as AI-generated content, with only 8% being considered original (Human) content.

image4 (3).jpg

StealthGPT vs. GPTZero

Once again, StealthGPT fell short of its marketing claims. When scanned by GPTZero, the text was determined to be 97% AI-generated, indicating that this tool cannot consistently outperform this particular AI detector.

image6 (4).jpg

StealthGPT vs Copyleaks

When it comes to Copyleaks AI detector, StealthGPT's text is predominantly AI-generated rather than human-written.

image11 (3).jpg

A Superior Alternative to StealthGPT: Humbot

image5 (2).jpg

Our test reveals that StealthGPT cannot be relied upon to produce truly human-like and undetectable AI content. Therefore, it may be wise to switch to a more robust and dependable tool. In this case, Humbot could be the ideal choice.

Unlike StealthGPT, which struggles to evade detection, Humbot consistently demonstrates its ability to humanize AI content generated by tools like ChatGPT, Bard, Jasper, and more. It is also fully capable of bypassing major detectors such as GPTZero and Originality.ai.

Utilizing cutting-edge AI text humanization technology, Humbot not only evades AI detection but also produces content that appears 100% human-written. Additionally, the content is of high quality and original, completely free from any plagiarism, eliminating the need for users to worry about penalties or punishments.

Key Features of Humbot

Some of the notable features of Humbot include:

  • Successfully evade major AI detection systems, including Originality.ai and GPTZero
  • Transform any AI-generated text into a more human-like form
  • Achieve flawless 100% human scores in detection systems
  • Maintain the original essence of your work
  • Multiple bypass modes to choose from
  • Optimize content with a focus on SEO
  • Built-in AI detection capabilities
  • Rewrite and humanize AI text in over 50 languages

Is Humbot More Effective Than StealthGPT in Evading AI Detection?

Now, let's examine whether Humbot outperforms StealthGPT in action. We will replicate the same testing process used for StealthGPT as mentioned earlier. The only difference is that we requested Humbot to humanize the AI-generated text instead. Subsequently, we subjected the text to the same three AI scanners to evaluate its effectiveness.

Below is a screenshot of the text provided by Humbot, based on the original AI-generated input:


Humbot vs. Originality.AI

As depicted in this screenshot, Humbot significantly outperformed StealthGPT in humanizing the text. It achieved an impressive 93% human rating from Originality.AI, which is widely recognized as one of the most effective and dependable AI detection systems currently available. This serves as a testament to the remarkable capabilities of Humbot in bypassing detection.

image1 (4).jpg

Humbot vs. GPTZero

In the second scan, Humbot once again impressed us. It effortlessly evaded GPTZero's advanced AI scanners, leading GPTZero to believe that the inputted text was entirely written by a human. This further substantiates Humbot's ability to bypass AI detectors, setting it apart from StealthGPT.

image2 (3).jpg

Humbot: Outsmarting Copyleaks

After conducting the third AI scan on Copyleaks, the results are conclusive: Humbot successfully evades AI detection technology once again. While Copyleaks is known for its ability to identify content written or rewritten by AI bots, it was completely fooled by Humbot in our tests. This solidifies Humbot as the superior option over StealthGPT.

image7 (4).jpg

StealthGPT vs Humbot: A Comparison

The results of our tests speak for themselves. While both StealthGPT and Humbot claim to bypass major detectors like Originality.AI and ZeroGPT, only one of them proved its effectiveness in our experiments - Humbot. It outperformed StealthGPT in the scans, producing more human-like results and evading AI detection to a greater extent, as illustrated in the table below:

AI Detector StealthGPT Results Humbot Result
Originality.AI 8% Human 93% Human
GPTZero 3% Human 100% Human
Copyleaks AI-Generated Human-Written

Overall, these findings highlight the reliability and effectiveness of Humbot in helping users overcome major AI detectors. It proves to be a much more dependable tool overall. In contrast, despite its claims of being an undetectable writer, StealthGPT struggled to outperform any of the three detectors in our tests.

It’s important to mention that Humbot and StealthGPT have differences in various aspects, including pricing. The cheapest plan for StealthGPT starts at $14.99 per month (the Essential plan), whereas Humbot is available for as low as $6.99 per month (the Humbot Basic plan).

In addition, Humbot offers enhanced features and more advanced technology compared to StealthGPT, along with fairer pricing. It incorporates advanced text humanization technology to successfully bypass any detector. It also includes its own built-in AI checkers and generates SEO-friendly output. 


In summary, our review of StealthGPT concludes that it may not live up to its hype. It fails to fulfill its marketing claims, as it is unable to bypass several leading AI scanners, as demonstrated by our testing.

Based on our tests, StealthGPT is simply not reliable enough for personal or professional use. Users are advised to opt for a superior alternative, such as Humbot, to effectively overcome AI content detection tools in the future.

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