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Phrasly Review: Does It Successfully Humanize AI-Generated Text?

Designed for students, bloggers, and various users, Phrasly emerges as a cutting-edge AI writing tool that remains undetectable. If you're uncertain about utilizing this tool, it might be beneficial to delve deeper into its capabilities.

This comprehensive Phrasly assessment will encompass all the essential information, including an extensive Phrasly vs. prominent AI detectors comparison.

Effortlessly Bypass AI Detection with Humbot

If Phrasly fails to help you bypass AI detection, don't lose hope. Give Humbot a try to ensure your AI-generated content remains completely undetectable!

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What Sets Phrasly Apart?

image3 (5) (1).jpg

Phrasly represents an AI-powered writing platform. It was established in 2023 and is headquartered in Dover, U.S. As evident from its homepage, this AI-driven writer aims to cater to a wide range of users, including bloggers, content creators, students, SEO professionals, marketers, e-commerce businesses, and more.

Phrasly's key feature lies in its ability to transform AI-generated content into undetectable text. By "humanizing" the text, it modifies the structure and word choices, theoretically enabling it to bypass AI detection. Additionally, it offers a separate AI detection tool that users can employ to scan their content.

Notable Features

Phrasly boasts several noteworthy features, such as:

  • Processing capacity of up to 2,500 words
  • Humanizing AI-generated text
  • Built-in AI scanner
  • Adjustable humanization levels
  • Grammar and spelling checker
  • Support for multiple languages

Can Phrasly Outperform Leading AI Checkers?

Undoubtedly, Phrasly boasts an array of features and functionalities. However, if you haven't utilized it previously, you may be curious to determine its effectiveness in surpassing the leading AI scanners available in the market. The only way to ascertain this is by conducting a fair and impartial test.

So, let's proceed with that plan. Initially, it is crucial to obtain some straightforward AI-generated text from a tool like ChatGPT. The accompanying screenshot exhibits an example text that we will employ for this test, generated by ChatGPT and centered around the topic of "Education."

image5 (7).jpg

The subsequent step is uncomplicated: to gauge Phrasly's proficiency in humanizing AI-generated text, we must input our ChatGPT text into Phrasly. Subsequently, we can activate Phrasly's humanization algorithms and assess the quality of the text after it has been rewritten. The following screenshot showcases the final outcome after subjecting the ChatGPT passage to Phrasly's humanizer:

image2 (5).jpg

In essence, the text displayed above represents Phrasly's most commendable endeavor at humanization. If Phrasly's marketing assertions hold true, this text should be capable of evading detection by the majority of prominent AI detectors.

But can it truly achieve this? Let's put it to the test using Originality.ai, Copyleaks, and GPTZero to find out.

Phrasly Versus Originality.ai

It’s an unfortunate beginning. Phrasly's text was a complete failure when tested against Originality.ai's AI detection technology. It received the worst possible score: 100% AI and 0% Human. This means that, according to Originality.ai, the entire text is clearly written by AI, without any sentences or passages that even remotely resemble human writing.

image8 (7).jpg

Phrasly vs GPTZero

Phrasly's situation doesn't improve when we put its text through GPTZero. It received a terrible score, with only 1% of the text classified as "Human" and the rest labeled as "AI". Just like with the Originality result, this shows that Phrasly is unable to consistently outsmart AI detectors as it claims.

image6 (6).jpg

Phrasly vs Copyleaks

In the third and final test, we took Phrasly's "humanized" text and tested it with Copyleaks. Once again, the results speak for themselves. Copyleaks definitively stated that the text contained "AI Content" and the entire passage was highlighted in red to indicate that it was most likely generated by AI, without any human involvement.

image9 (9).jpg

Humbot - A Better Alternative

Our testing has undeniably proven that Phrasly is sadly incapable of consistently evading AI scanners. It failed in all three of our tests, with extremely poor scores, such as the 100% AI score it received on Originality.ai. However, there are other undetectable AI writers available, like Humbot, that actually deliver results.

image5 (2).jpg

Utilizing cutting-edge humanization technology, Humbot leads the industry in undetectable AI writing. It has the ability to take AI-generated text from various tools such as Bard, Bing Chat, ChatGPT, and more, and rewrite and restructure it to sound significantly more human. This allows users to rely on Humbot to outsmart all AI detectors, including Originality.AI and GPTZero.

This tool can even assist in achieving near-perfect 100% human scores on many popular AI detection platforms. Additionally, it offers numerous bonus features and fair, flexible pricing, making it an excellent choice for those seeking undetectable AI content.

Key Features

Here's what Humbot is capable of:

  • Humanizing various types of AI content
  • Outperforming any AI detector
  • Attaining 100% human scores
  • Supporting multiple languages
  • Preserving the original text's meaning
  • Incorporating an integrated AI detector
  • Optimizing content for SEO
  • Aiding users in bypassing spam filters

Can Humbot Outsmart AI Scanners More Effectively?

On paper, Humbot undoubtedly appears to be an exceptional undetectable AI writer. However, does it perform just as impressively in practice? To determine this, we must subject it to the same test we conducted for Phrasly. This is the only fair method to definitively determine which of these two tools excels at evading AI detectors.

Therefore, the initial step was to return to ChatGPT and copy the same text segment we previously used. We inputted it into Humbot and activated its "Humanization" technology. Here is the outcome:


Humbot Versus Originality.AI

Originality.ai was no match for Humbot, as it achieved a flawless score of 100% human rating, with no AI detection. This is a remarkable feat for an AI writer, as even the most undetectable AI writers struggle to bypass Originality.ai. In comparison, Phrasly pales in comparison to Humbot.

image7 (6).jpg

Humbot Takes on GPTZero

Humbot performed admirably against GPTZero, earning a 96% human rating. Only 4% of the text was classified as "Mixed". Once again, Humbot showcased its superiority by outperforming one of the top AI detectors in the market. The difference between Humbot and Phrasly's 1% human score is staggering.

image11 (5).jpg

Humbot Challenges Copyleaks

In the final test, Humbot faced off against Copyleaks and once again delivered outstanding results. Copyleaks determined that the text was of "human" origin, not AI. This is in stark contrast to Phrasly, which struggled to handle Copyleaks and other scanning tools.

image10 (6).jpg

Phrasly vs. Humbot: A Comparison

Now, let's summarize the results of all our tests in a table, allowing for an easy comparison between Phrasly and Humbot.

AI Detector Phrasly Results Humbot Results
Originality.AI 0% Human 100% Human
GPTZero 1% Human 96% Human
Copyleaks AI-Written Human-Written

The analysis of the results is straightforward. Phrasly performed poorly in all three tests. Its highest score was a mere "1% Human" on GPTZero. In contrast, Humbot achieved much better results. It successfully passed all three AI checkers, with the most impressive feat being a perfect 100% Human score on Originality.ai.

Based on this, it is evident that Humbot possesses superior humanization technology compared to Phrasly. It excels in evading AI detection and adeptly adjusts, rewrites, and enhances AI-generated text to make it sound more human. Consequently, it is a more dependable Phrasly alternative for users to consider.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Humbot offers several other useful features that distinguish it from Phrasly, along with better pricing. For instance, signing up for Phrasly Premium requires a monthly payment of $14.99. On the other hand, Humbot provides multiple payment plans, starting as low as $6.99 per month.


In summary, our evaluation of Phrasly revealed that while it may have some applications and limited advantages, it cannot be relied upon as a trustworthy AI writer that goes undetected. In our tests, it consistently failed to bypass AI detection, even with a relatively simple text.

Therefore, if you desire a tool that truly evades AI detection and delivers exceptional text, Phrasly is not the recommended choice. Instead, we highly recommend Humbot for its advanced and effective technology.

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