• Humbot - Top AI Humanizer

  • AIHumanizer - Best for Humanizing SEO-Friendly Content

  • HIX Bypass's AI Humanizer - The Fast and Efficient AI Humanizer

  • BypassGPT - Best AI Humanizer For Quality, Error-Free Results

  • Undetectable AI - The Best AI Humanizer for High Success Rates

  • Bypass AI - Versatile AI Humanizer with Multiple Bypass Modes

  • AI Undetectable - The Ultimate AI Humanizer For Diverse Readability Levels

  • AIHumanize - The Top AI Humanizer For Multiple Humanized Variations

  • WriteHuman - Versatile AI Text Converter

  • HumanizeAIText - The Easiest and Most User-Friendly AI Humanizer

  • Conclusion

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Top 10 AI Humanizers to Convert AI to Human Text & Get 100% Human Score

The true power of AI writing tools lies in their ability to generate a vast amount of content effortlessly, saving you valuable time, money, and effort. However, the rise of AI detectors has become a significant obstacle, often flagging or penalizing AI-generated works. Even human-written content faces the risk of being falsely identified.

Fortunately, AI humanizers offer a solution. These tools allow you to infuse AI-generated text with a human touch, enabling it to bypass AI detection effortlessly. Below, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top 10 AI humanizers that guarantee a perfect 100% human content score. Let's dive right in!

  1. Humbot - Top AI Humanizer Overall
  2. AIHumanizer - Best for Humanizing SEO-Friendly Content
  3. HIX Bypass's AI Humanizer - AI Humanizer for Fast and Efficient Output
  4. Undetectable AI - AI Humanizer with High Success Rates
  5. BypassGPT's AI Humanizer - AI Humanizer for Quality, Error-Free Results
  6. BypassAI - AI Humanizer for Contextually Accurate Results
  7. AI Undetectable - AI Humanizer with Varied Readability Levels
  8. AIHumanize - AI Humanizer with Multiple Humanized Variations
  9. WriteHuman - AI Humanizer for Technical or Academic Writing
  10. HumanizeAIText - AI Humanizer for Simplicity & User-Friendliness

Humbot - Top AI Humanizer


Humbot is our top recommendation for AI humanization. It is trained and developed using powerful algorithms to mimic the word choices and writing styles of real humans. This versatile AI to human text converter can process text generated by AI language models like ChatGPT, Jasper, Bard, and more.

Humbot can rework AI text to create authentic and natural-sounding output that is undetectable by AI detectors. It can help you achieve 99% human scores on strict AI detectors such as Originality.ai, GPTZero, Content at Scale, Turnitin, and more.

In addition, Humbot ensures that the humanized text is 100% plagiarism-free. It can accurately humanize AI text in over 50 different languages while maintaining contextual accuracy. This allows you to create humanized content that appeals to a wider audience.

Humbot has an intuitive interface that enhances user navigation. Give it a try below:

Advanced Options
Usage suggestions
Advanced: Humanize your AI text aggressively to bypass the strictest AI detectors.


  • Humanizes content generated by any AI writing tool
  • Produces 100% human-score content
  • Offers a highly intuitive user interface
  • Provides multilingual support for 50+ languages


  • Word usage is limited on the free plan
  • Options for personalizing content are restricted

Achieve a 100% Human Content Score with Humbot >>>

AIHumanizer - Best for Humanizing SEO-Friendly Content


AIHumanizer utilizes advanced AI techniques to transform AI-generated content into text that is nearly undetectable by most AI detectors on the market. Instead of relying on basic paraphrasing methods, it completely restructures the text to produce unique and high-quality output that closely resembles content created by humans.

What sets this tool apart is its ability to optimize content for SEO. It can generate output that flows smoothly and has excellent readability. Additionally, it can remove ChatGPT watermarks and AI writing patterns, ensuring that your humanized content remains safe from search engine penalties and performs well on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Furthermore, AIHumanizer can easily adapt and convert AI text into human-readable text in over 50 different languages. This includes various types of content such as essays, ad copy, reports, and emails.


  • Utilizes advanced AI techniques for humanization
  • Enables effective SEO optimization
  • Supports humanization of AI text in multiple languages


  • The free plan only allows humanization of up to 300 words
  • Not all humanized output is foolproof

Access AIHumanizer for Humanized, SEO-Friendly Content >>>

HIX Bypass's AI Humanizer - The Fast and Efficient AI Humanizer


HIX Bypass's strength as an AI humanizer lies in its ability to convert AI to human text in a matter of moments. The tool utilizes a high-performing AI humanization engine to swiftly enhance any AI text, producing a tone and style akin to human-authored content. This enables you to effortlessly circumvent AI checkers such as Content at Scale, ZeroGPT, and others.

To get started, simply paste the AI text into the portal and click 'Humanize' to obtain your output. It also ensures that the output is unique to guarantee complete content authenticity. In summary, if you ever need to humanize a large amount of content quickly, HIX Bypass can be relied upon to deliver.


  • Remarkably fast and efficient AI humanizer
  • Offers a user-friendly interface
  • Ensures secure data encryption for information protection


  • Upgrade to the unlimited plan required to remove input limit
  • No advanced output style customization options

Swiftly Humanize Any AI Content With Ease Using HIX Bypass's AI Humanizer >>>

BypassGPT - Best AI Humanizer For Quality, Error-Free Results


BypassGPT's AI Humanizer is an advanced AI humanizer that intelligently modifies and enhances the word choice, phrasing, and even tone of any AI text until it becomes indistinguishable from human-generated content. This AI humanizer has been designed to bypass well-known AI detection tools such as Turnitin, Crossplag, GPTZero, and others.

However, BypassGPT primarily stands out for its ability to make AI text more human-like while maintaining content readability. It also improves the quality of the output by ensuring that the humanized text is free from errors and awkward sentence structures. This saves you from the need to make additional corrections or revisions to the output.

Furthermore, BypassGPT offers reasonably priced plans to accommodate those on a budget. Additionally, each pricing tier includes generous word count limits, making it easy to humanize large amounts of content.


  • Consistently error-free output that resembles human writing
  • Cost-effective pricing options available
  • Generous word counts for effortless bulk content humanization


  • Lacks sufficient content editing features
  • Does not support document uploads for conversion

Enhance Your AI Text with BypassGPT for Quality Results >>>

Undetectable AI - The Best AI Humanizer for High Success Rates


Undetectable AI is an advanced AI tool that converts robotic text into human-like writing by identifying and eliminating common patterns found in AI-generated content. This includes content produced by AI writing models such as GPT-3.5/4 and Claude. It meticulously revises the text line by line until it becomes indistinguishable from human writing.

The resulting output is so effectively humanized that it can achieve high scores on powerful AI detectors like Copyleaks and ZeroGPT. Moreover, the humanized text is guaranteed to be 100% original and authentic, ensuring that it will not be mistakenly flagged as spam.

Undetectable AI offers a range of AI bypass modes that allow you to convert AI to human text in various ways. This provides you with a diverse set of options when it comes to humanizing AI text.


  • Ensures the original meaning of the content is retained
  • Replaces AI phrases and removes watermarks for human-sounding output
  • Ideal for accurately conveying creative and marketing content
  • Built-in AI checkers for AI-proof text
  • Guarantees no copied content for easy plagiarism-checking
  • Undetectable and natural-sounding output for better search engine ranking


  • Not the fastest AI humanizer on this list
  • No options to adjust the output tone and style

Humanize AI Text Accurately with Undetectable AI >>>

Bypass AI - Versatile AI Humanizer with Multiple Bypass Modes

Undetectable AI

BypassAI is at the forefront of maintaining the original meaning of humanized AI text. By analyzing the text, replacing common AI phrases, and eliminating ChatGPT watermarks, the AI to human text converter produces human-like output that effectively conveys your message.

This quality makes it perfect for adding a human touch to content that requires precise communication, like creative material, marketing copy, and more. Moreover, it includes integrated AI validators to ensure the edited text is completely resistant to AI-related issues.

Moreover, its sophisticated technology guarantees that any text it makes more human-like is free of duplicated material. This guarantees that you can easily pass plagiarism detectors. Additionally, by generating content that is both authentic and sounds natural, it can prevent detection and potential marking as spam by search engines, leading to favorable rankings.


  • Evades most AI detectors on the market
  • Excels at preserving the original meaning of the text
  • Passes any plagiarism-checker


  • Lacks sufficient options for editing content
  • The final word count may differ from the input

Maintain Context When Humanizing AI Text With BypassAI >>>

AI Undetectable - The Ultimate AI Humanizer For Diverse Readability Levels


AI Undetectable is a feature-rich AI humanizer that not only converts any AI text into human-like content but also allows you to customize the output to match your desired level of readability. Whether it's for high school students, undergraduates, or PhD candidates, this tool ensures your content is tailored to meet the specific needs of your audience.

Other features of this tool include the ability to increase or decrease the word count, which can be helpful when facing writer's block. The platform also offers a feature that instantly enhances the quality of your content. AI Undetectable is designed to be user-friendly, so there's no steep learning curve to worry about.


  • Designed with a user-friendly interface
  • Offers various readability options to choose from
  • Can quickly expand or condense content


  • Requires user registration to access features
  • Humanized output doesn't always evade AI detection

AIHumanize - The Top AI Humanizer For Multiple Humanized Variations


Turnitin, GPTZero, and other well-known AI detectors can be avoided with the help of AIHumanize, an efficient AI to human text converter. Falcon and Maestro are the two AI bypass options available with the tool. With each, you may add a unique touch to your writing and increase your versatility in doing so.

The key feature of the program is its ability to generate humanized text versions without compromising on quality. Moreover, AIHumanize enables users to humanize AI-generated text by uploading files, saving time that would otherwise be spent on copying and pasting the text.


  • Includes built-in AI detectors for checking rewriting effectiveness
  • Mobile-optimized for easy access
  • Compatible with text generated from any AI content generator


  • May not be as effective for non-technical or non-academic writing
  • Readability may still be slightly affected

WriteHuman - Versatile AI Text Converter


WriteHuman is a versatile AI to human text converter that offers a range of features for different writing needs. It provides an easy-to-use interface and allows you to customize the level of humanization you desire. With WriteHuman, you can choose between three different AI models: Basic, Advanced, and Expert, each offering a different level of sophistication in rewriting.

The tool also offers a plagiarism checker to ensure the originality of your content. Additionally, WriteHuman provides a word count feature and allows you to export your humanized text in various formats, making it convenient for different publishing platforms.


  • Customizable level of humanization
  • Offers three different AI models for rewriting
  • Includes a plagiarism checker
  • Provides word count feature and export options


  • Free plan provides limited user access
  • Lacks useful features for personalizing content

HumanizeAIText - The Easiest and Most User-Friendly AI Humanizer


If you're a first-time user, you probably prefer a simple and straightforward interface. That's where HumanizeAIText comes in. This AI humanizer offers one of the most minimal and user-friendly interfaces available, allowing you to convert AI text into human language effortlessly.

The tool works by replacing conventional wording in your AI text with human language, making it indistinguishable. If the output doesn't meet your need, you can click on the "use Again" button and get an alternative humanized version.


  • Free to use
  • Designed with a simple and minimal user interface


  • Pricing increases significantly for higher word counts
  • Paraphrasing used may not always effectively humanize the text


Humanizing AI text is crucial for content creators and digital marketers. It not only helps bypass AI detectors and avoid Google penalties but also enhances the authenticity and relatability of your content, leading to increased reader engagement.

When it comes to this matter, the top 10 AI enhancers we have mentioned earlier are the finest options available. Among them, Humbot stands out as the most powerful method to transform AI into human-like text. Elevate your AI writing to a higher standard by utilizing these resources to provide your content with the personal touch it requires to flourish in this fiercely competitive online environment.

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